How to Deal with Web Rage and Web Rudeness

Ben Worthen, Biz Tech blogger for the Wall Street Journal, got a nasty comment by email recently:

We received this email the other day in response to our post about Google’s mobile-phone operating system: “You are a moron…Hopefully you have not (and will not) procreate. It would be a shame to have your genes pollute the gene pool. PS: you’re a [expletive deleted].”

The web makes it easy to get feedback and have conversations. The flip side of that is it’s easy to get criticism and insults too. This isn’t exactly new — as long as there have been online bulletin boards, there have been online flamers and trolls.

What’s the best way to handle rudeness online? While you can learn something from your critics, when criticism tips over into personal insults that’s a good time to turn away. There’s little to be gained from engaging with those who can’t act civil online.

How do you handle web rudeness?


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