NTV Live Launchpad: DECA Partnerships


NEWTEEVEE LIVE, SAN FRANCISCO — Hot on the heels of BoingBoing TV, web entertainment studio DECA today announced its lineup of content partners for 2008:

Peter Rojas: of Engadget and Joystiq.

Alex Albrecht: (no relation) of DiggNation and Totally Rad Show.

SuicideGirls: queens of the alternative pin-up scene.

Larry Lyttle: president of Big Ticket Television, which produced 11 series, including Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Moesha and more.

Dog & Pony: a daily interview show distributed by CNET and hosted by Paul Ollinger and Vince Thompson.

Let’s see…guy, guy, nekkid tattooed goth women, guy, guy. Hmmm…wonder which show will be DECA’s most popular?

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