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Times Group Launches Window2India For NRIs

Times Financial Services has launched Window2India, reports group publication Times of India. The portal is intended to be an e-commerce and services site targeting NRIs, and they’ve signed up with UAE Exchange to target users in the gulf. Content on the site has an NRI focus. Creative minds have been at work: the layout is remarkably similar to that of Yahoo. Unless they’re planning tie-ups with other players for promoting the portal internationally, I really don’t see the point. Regular readers know of Indiatimes, Rediff, (NSDQ: REDF) anyway.

2 Responses to “Times Group Launches Window2India For NRIs”

  1. Savitha Balan

    Looked a the NRI targeted articles on their website. Most of them have been written by, a content development company based in India. Interesting to note that content companies are now slowly becoming the in-thing. Perhaps outsourcing to content companies helps Indian companies save money too. With the current attrition rate and the high payscales, outsourcing to India from India is a good option.

    On another note, the downfall of Rediff is imminent. With the trash they publish nowadays, not to mention the jarring ads, they will soon be out of business (or taken over- But according to their recent Q2 call a take over is not in the charts). For all their fame, do you know that they still do not make a decent profit. Just high revenues do not translate into high bottomlines, at least for Rediff.