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Gore NOT Donating VC Stock Options: From the AP, “The donation does not include stock options. Typically, a tiny fraction of a venture capitalist’s compensation is salary; the vast majority of wealth comes from sale of stock options when the companies the firm invests in are sold to the public.” — AP.

Cash for Tree Cloning: Vancouver-based CellFor has raised $24.5 million in a fourth round of financing for its pine tree cloning business, according to VentureWire — CNET.

Greener Companies Get the Young Talent: Maybe this is the strategy behind Google’s greener moves; companies are finding eco-strategies can bring in talent and boost productivity — WSJ.

A Look At Lovins: The founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute is an eco-celeb, but this article looks at some of his hit-or-miss energy predictions — Energy Tribune.

Czech Firm Raising Fund for Clean Energy: Czech private equity firm EnerCap Capital Partners, plans to close a 100 million euros early next year renewable energy projects in Central and Southeastern Europe — PeHub.


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