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ZenZui Launches Widget Browser, Changes Name To Zumobi

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) spin-off ZenZui will release the beta version of its mobile browser in December. I’m saying “browser” for want of a better word…TechWorld has a description: “The user interface is made up of 16 tiles on which users can easily zoom in and out, with each tile represents a web page. Zumobi’s back-end servers are constantly updating the websites on the phone, so a user doesn’t have to wait for the site to load after they click the tile. Users determine what site appears in each tile, and they can send tiles to each other.” So it’s not the open internet, and developers have to use particular mark-up languages. SeattlePI notest that the company will launch with 80-90 applications/tiles to choose from. The service is free (individual tiles can be sponsored) and currently only available on Windows Mobile devices, although the company plans to expand that to other handsets, starting with the Blackberry. Interest was also expressed in the iPhone and Android, with Chief Executive Eric Hertz saying “the new platforms are “absolutely perfect” for the company’s strategy. “The more open, the better.” It should be noted this isn’t a platform, nor really a browser, more or an application. It has also changed its name from ZenZui to Zumobi, apparently because no-one could work out what ZenZui did.