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@ Monaco: Video: Doug Warshaw, Chief Digital Officer, Maxim/Alpha: Finding The Voice of Maxim Online

At Monaco Media Forum this weekend, I did a short video interview with Doug Warshaw, the very-newly appointed Chief Digital Officer of the Alpha Media Group, the new Quadrangle-owned company that has Maxim, Stuff and Blender magazines as part of its portfolio. He was previously the co-founder of Motionbox, the video sharing site/service (more on his new appointment news here). He talked about the opportunity for Maxim Online; the need to find that tools (widgets?) that the magazine websites can present for the users; the need for the online team to be editorially independent and yet inter-dependent with the magazine side; the need to find original voices online, either from within the regulars at the magazine, or from outside.

You can watch the 8-minute video below (RSS readers may have to click through):