MIH India Launches Genealogy Based Social Network – OneFamily

MIH India has launched a genealogy based online networking site called OneFamily. Other international genealogy based networks include like Ancestry.com, Genealogy.com and MyHeritage.com. Users are added to the network virally; one family member signs up and creates his/her family tree. If email addresses are included, then those added to the tree are notified of the same…I should know: I’ve already received several invitations from over-enthusiastic relatives at OneFamily (grumble, grumble)…as if random notifications from friends joining 100 social networks a week (mild exaggeration) wasn’t enough. Now OneFamily can be accessed using an existing ibibo ID; I’m not sure if it works the other way round, but this is probably another way of adding subscribers to the ibibo network.

What do you think- Will a family based/genealogy based social network work in India? Indians tend to be overtly social anyway, and many are connected to other relatives via existing social networks like Orkut. It would be one way of discovering more relatives…One application that immediately comes to mind is of marriage classifieds, wherein prospective brides and grooms can actually view each others family tree. But MIH doesn’t appear to be going down the classifieds route…or is it?