Web TV Tipping Point?


[qi:032] The Hollywood Writers’ strike, which we have been following closely over on NewTeeVee, is beginning to turn into an opportunity for web TV content creators. Liz points to three different news items that indicate old TV networks might be looking to bring web content into the broadcast domain, including the fabulous “quarterlife.” Marc Andressen thinks that this is an opportunity for Hollywood to get a Silicon Valley-style makeover. I am not sure how all of this is going to play out, but as Bob Dylan says, The Times…They Are A-Changin’. It will be one of the hot topics at our NewTeeVee Live conference on Wednesday in San Francisco.



In Europe a lot of people get their TV via Internet lines, which are much faster and cheaper than in the USA. Much better cell phone tech too.


God, let’s hope not, so far Webtv is almost universally horrible. The only good video content ever uploaded to the internet was either copyrighted or “reality” (fights, police chases). Very few user generated vids have exceeded grade school quality in humor, drama, or anything substantial at all.

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