to Kick Off Football Forecast

The Weather Channel is expanding its online video offerings this week with Football Forecast, according to MediaWeek. Hosted by journalist Tim Liatta, the web-only series will look at the weather being forecast for upcoming NFL games and examine how each team typically performs under the expected conditions.

According to a Weather Channel spokesperson, this is not an official deal with the NFL, just something the site is doing on its own. Depending on how well the show does, could branch out into other sports, but given the turbulence of fall weather, the fact that most games are outdoors and the rabid fan base of the NFL, football is the site’s best bet.

The show will be available on Thursdays (Monday is too far out from the game to accurately predict the weather).

This isn’t the first foray into sports video from The Weather Channel — it also runs an NFL video blog, covering topics like tailgating and cheerleading.