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New GetAMac Ads…Little Focus on Leopard

GetAMac Ad

Its been a while, but we now have three shiny new GetAMac ads to laugh at and gloat over! Justin Long and John Hodgeman both reprise there roles as the mac and PC respectively for the new commercials Podium, Boxer and PR lady.

Both “Podium” and “PR lady” focus on PC users’ dislike for Vista and their downgrading to XP where as “Boxer” shows the PC putting up a fight against the Macs rising sales. Here we see the Mac sympathetic but explaining how Leopard has new features.

This surprised me a little bit, in each ad Leopard is mentioned, but only in passing, no point is made of it and no demo is shown. Interesting how an entire new version of the Mac operating system is released and there is just no real advertising for it. Does this mean that Apple’s mac ads will always be targeting the switchers as they have done in the past? Or will we get a nice TV advert showing off Leopard?

7 Responses to “New GetAMac Ads…Little Focus on Leopard”

  1. I agree with azzamallow. The lack of them screaming “LEOPARD!” is a nice little demonstration of the magicians art. Anyone who isn’t in the know is more likely to go “Leopard?” and go check it out. Next thing they know they’re hip-deep in Mac culture.

    Or at least that’s the idea.

  2. Danny, I’m not sure why you’re surprised these ads don’t go on about Leopard. Their target is, and always has been, Windows users. Hence the “Get a Mac” tag. It’s about changing brands.

    Mac owners already have a Mac, they don’t need to be told to get a Mac. They don’t need to be sold on the advantages because they already know. A mass-market TV campaign for Leopard wouldn’t be as cost-effective because 90% of the viewers are not your audience. Much better to promote Leopard directly to that market through other media.

    Also, each sale that converts someone to a Mac gets, say, $1k to $4k of revenue from a sale. Each upgrade to Leopard only gets whatever Leopard costs. Not a lot of room in there for TV advertising.

  3. azzamallow

    IMO, they would only say leopard in passing deliberately and not elaborate on it. An average person without a mac may ask themselves “what is leopard?”. They’ll see the different ads and “leopard” will be dropped here and there. What would you do if you were curious about “leopard”? Yes, go to the Apple website and find out. A clever marketing strategy I’m sure.

  4. Would have to say that this style of Ad is now looking tired and needs to be replaced with something that actually demonstrates something rather than pokes fun at Microsoft.

    This is especially true considering Leopards little ‘annoyances’ that, to me at least, suggest it was released to manufacture a week or two before it should have been.