T-Mobile Betting On Android To Stand Out And Compete


T-Mobile plans to launch a handset with Google’s Android system next year, in a move it hopes will distinguish it from other carriers. Aside from the new business model with Google, (NSDQ: GOOG) the WSJ has some other examples of how T-Mobile is opening up:
— MyFaves, which gives free calls to any five people, rather than require they be on T-Mobile’s network.
— First carrier to offer WiFi roaming.
— Keen to get involved in handset creation (like DoCoMo). Not just with Google, the newly launched HTC Shadow is a case in point.
T-Mobile needs to stand out to differentiate from AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon, (NYSE: VZ) which offer a bundle of telecom services and have twice as many customers — although it has to be noted that T-Mobile’s US customer base of 28 million is a very respectable figure.


Andrew Deal

T-Mobile's open-sourcedness, for lack of a better term, is going to give them a growing edge. I predict by mid 2009, they will have an equal market share to Verizon and ATT, unless the others quickly adjust in the same way.

We plan on doing business with T-Mobile first among the top 4, because our content opportunities are a perfect fit with the way they are leading in dismantling the walled gardens.

Dan Frommer

Just as bold: T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom's investment in Jajah, whose VoIP system competes directly with the telco's long distance services.

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