Triple-Play Battle Rages in South Korea


[qi:105] Hanarotelecom, the second-largest broadband provider in South Korea, has recently become the subject of immense attention. Ever since a Goldman Sachs-led international consortium decided to put its 39.4 percent stake in the company up for sale, prospective punters have been lining up. The latest company rumored to be contemplating a bid: SK Telecom, the largest mobile carrier in South Korea. A triple-play offering could be the motivation for the bid, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Wireless revenues are not growing as fast they once were. If SK Telecom ends up buying Hanaro, many expect Korea Telecom to then bring its wireless business into the tent as well. I think this triple-play trend is only going to gain momentum in the coming months as wireless-only companies find their revenue growth meeting headwinds. Many mobile operators , including Vodafone, are already moving down this path.

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