Questions for YouTube’s Steve Chen?


Next week at NewTeeVee Live, we’re interviewing Steve Chen, co-founder and CTO of YouTube. The interview will be live-streamed and live-blogged, so if you can’t make the conference, you’ll be able to experience some form of it. But if you’d like, you can help us decide what happens during the Q&A by leaving comments with questions you’d like us to ask Chen. What do you want to know about the most influential video site on the planet?

To get you in the mood, here’s a video Chen and his co-founder Chad Hurley made:



The haters are out of control on Youtube. What’s he going to do about it? It ruins Youtube for people who create their own content.

There’s a woman (username xgobobeanx) on the Yahoo videoblogging list who is being stalked and harrassed – it’s making her life a misery, and there’s nothing she can do about it short of stopping posting videos that a lot of other people watch and like – but Youtube don’t reply to her emails.

At the moment, the only options available to you when you receive a hate mail are “Block user” and “Spam”. They’re just not good enough. There needs to be another option to mark that person as a hater. When enough people have flagged that person as such, they should have their account suspended and all comments removed.

It’s a much more hostile environment for creators than any other service. Does he care?

Jackson West

Alright, since you already answered my question, Liz…

Could Mr. Chen clarify what standards are applied when YouTube chooses to delete a video as “obscene” under the Terms of Service, and who’s responsible for ultimately making that decision?

Chris Albrecht

The earrings. Does he really think they’re a good idea?

On a more serious note. Since he is now a “celebrity” himself, does he think: 1.) That YouTube cheapens what it means to be famous? 2.) Does he care?

Craig Rubens

Of the distinct YouTube genres – lip-synch, web-cam dance, “animated gifs,” traffic-cam incidents, etc. – which does he find insufferable?

There’s a lot of inane stuff out there that gets tons of views. I’m curious what drives Steve crazy.

Liz Gannes

Funny that you should ask that, since I was just on YouTube stalking Steve’s page in preparation for the interview. According to their YouTube profiles, Steve has watched 9,909 videos and Chad has watched 8,307. But the real winner? Forgotten founder Jawed Karim, who has 14,189 watched videos under his belt. Makes me wonder what the record is.

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