Disney To Start Another MVNO, In Japan

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Disney is planning another MVNO, this time in Japan according to the Nikkei business daily, reports Reuters. Not put off by two failures in the US, “Disney aims to win 1 million users by targeting families with an offer of handsets and downloads featuring Disney characters”. It will use Softbank’s network, and will be the first MVNO in Japan. Disney has been successfully selling mobile content in Japan for quite a while, and the Japanese market is certainly more ready to pay for special content and services than the US market. Still, it’s going to raise some eyebrows…

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It won't be a MVNO. It is OEM by Softbank mobile. Disney has already had a successful content mobile web site in Japan. This new mobile service will be just an expansion of their mobile content business. And it is not sure that this new mobile service will succeed.

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