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12 minutes, a 10 year-old and 1 Asus Eee PC handed the Asus Eee PC to my son Tyler this morning; he hadn’t see the small notebook until this video. Well, actually he saw it in take one of the vid. This is the second take just to get thoughts from someone in the target audience for the Eee. He wisely knows that these are just his first impressions, so maybe we can have back for a full review after he gets some more hands-on time with the Eee. As I’m posting this, he’s already commandeered the Eee for his room and he’s playing Runescape with the neighbors. I think I just lost my Eee.

13 Responses to “12 minutes, a 10 year-old and 1 Asus Eee PC”

  1. Ummm Quick Question.

    How Did You Get Runescape To Work?

    Doesn’t For Me.

    I Press Play For Free User It Goes To Next Page Then The Only Thing Shown Is The Top Menu Bar.

    The Rest Is The Black Background.

    Can You Help Me Please =D

  2. Mr. Crash

    That was actually a very cool video.
    I’m so tempted to buy one of these for my younger brother actually.

    Maybe not for quite the same thing, but so that he can tinker with the inside of a laptop and so that he can learn a little about linux.

    But he is pretty young – and I think would have a lot of fun with it.

  3. hey Tyler, thnx for being on the show!
    Hope To see/read your full review on the Eee pc.

    You have one smart kid!
    i was like that when i was young, to bad they only had those huge laptops running 95 at the time…

    keep up the good work =]

  4. What a cute kid, and so smart. He must take after his mother. :-p Surprised that he thought the keyboard was a bit too small for him. I wonder if he’ll think that after he uses it for a bit. Good luck getting it back from him now.