California Fights EPA, Silicon Valley Aims At Detroit


California filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday, seeking to force the agency to grant it a waiver so that it can enforce its own emissions standards. The Golden State plans to cut emissions back to 1990 levels by 2020 — a 25 percent reduction from current levels — and 16 other states either have adopted or plan to adopt California’s standards. Many of those same states — 14 in total — plan on joining California’s lawsuit as well. All of these states combined represent nearly half of the nation’s new car sales.

In a deranged bit of politicking, the Bush Administration’s “Fourth Climate Action Report” has an entire subsection enumerating the noble efforts of individual states, including California, to put into place their own programs “that contribute to the overall GHG intensity reduction goal,” NRDC Policy Director David Doinger points out.

Governor Schwarzenegger has said that “California is ready to implement the nation’s cleanest standards for vehicle emissions, but we cannot do that until the federal government grants a waiver allowing us to enforce those standards.” The lawsuit claims that the EPA “has unreasonably delayed action on the requested waiver.” Schwarzenegger added that he is prepared to “sue again, and sue again, and sue again until we get it.”

As California leads the way through the legal fight, Silicon Valley is gearing up to solidify itself as the Detroit of electric vehicles. Shai Agassi, having just raised $200 million for his EV venture, told The Mercury News that while “Detroit is a car manufacturing center” electric vehicle design “is not something that can be done in a normal way…It needs an Internet approach, a Google approach.” Meanwhile,
Californian electric car companies continue to collect celebrity drivers.

The latest word from the EPA is that the agency plans on making a decision by the end of December. Something tells me the Governator is not a patient man.


dave casino

what have you guys done except rant on these posts? think about it, at least Eberhard is actually building something that is creating public awareness and also pushing the technological envelope for plug-ins and affordable electric vehicles. I don’t doubt that you guys care about the future of this planet, I’m just saying why not use that angry energy more constructively.

Jim canyon

The only real effect of this attempt to reduce emissions by forcing drivers into telephone booth automobiles will be to destroy the market for new cars. No one who wants a truck or SUV will let go of what they have. Perhaps, maybe just once, California miight actually think ahead of the effects that their
silly laws will have before they pass them. So far, California hasn’t acccomplished squat with their stupid obsolete windmills and solar roofs.

Thomas C.Gray

Only Californians are dumb enough to believe that
moving the cost of batteries from a 6 year auto loan to a 5 year lease agreement actually solves any of the economic problems of owning an all-electric car. Sorry, gooofballs, but battery economics cannot be
changed by moving money from one pocket to another, nor is Agassi’s scheme of swapping battery packs any solution to the lack of range. The real world is headed for plug-in hybrids, the only technology that economically and physically makes any sense in the move to electrify transportation.
All-electrics, like the Tesla, billed by their braindead Silicon Valley millionaire orginator as the answer to why no one ever wanted to either build or own an electric since the days of the Waverly in pre WWI
days, are finding the going tough. After criticizing Detroit as not hip, Eberhard had found out the hard way that he doesn’t know very much about building automobiles, electric or otherwise, and has had to eat crow and hire former Detroit auto execs to save his car from the junk heap of history. Unfortunately for Eberhard and Tesla, Fisker , of BMW, Rolls Royce and Astom Matin fame, has created a plug-in 2 plus 2
that not only looks a whole lot better than the Tesla, costs a lot less to buy because it doesn’t contain the $30,000 battery pack the Tesla does, and avoids Tesla’s 5 year $30K battery replacement costs, and
can actually carry its drivers past the state line and back again, is about ready to destroy Tesla’s small
market of millionaire buddies of Eberhard.

kent beuchert

I note that California is to blame for their elevated
carbon levels, not the Federal government, who they conveniently are trying to blame. If stupid california had not blocked nuclear power for the past 30 years and spewed billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere from their substituted coal plants, the state wouldn’t be producing 650 pounds of carbon per megawatt hour and would have no carbon emission problems. Look at Vermont, which has 72% nuclear power and note that they produce less than 5 pounds (!!!) of carbon per megawatt hour.
California, the land of illusion and cinematic historical lies, lies and more lies. Only California is to blame for California’s emission problems , and errecting exorbitantly expensive windmills and solar photovoltaic roofs has done virtually nothing to reduce carbon levels. It has only raped California consumers and taxpayers. Oh, if only California had a brain.

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