Vid-Biz: Eisner, YouTube, Freakonomics

Eisner Calls Writer’s Strike ‘Stupid’; says writers should be striking against Apple, the real moneymaker in digital video. (paidContent)

Finnish Teen Posted School Shooting Plan on YouTube; 18-year old boy reportedly posted Jokela High School Massacre – 11/7/2007 under an alias before the shooting. (CNN)

Does Web Video Hurt TV? Research may indicate that short web clips of TV shows can entice viewers into watching the full program on their television sets. (Freakonomics Blog)

Justice Department to Sue P2P Pirates? It will if Senators Leahy and Cornyn get their way. (CNet)

New Baseball Media Player Causes Major League Headaches; the newly-implemented video player worked only with 2007 games, invalidated legally-purchased ones in 2006. (The New York Times)