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The ‘Burg: Where Are They Now?

Now that The ‘Burg crew has successfully navigated this past summer’s Motorola-sponsored scavenger hunt — a series of shorts entitled The Secret — I am seriously missing my hipster fix. Creators Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley are currently working on a new series for Vuguru through their Dinosaur Diorama production company called The All For Nots. But what will become of The ‘Burg?

Grace screened this video for us back in September, when she sat on the judging panel at the New York City edition of our NewTeeVee Pier Screenings series. While excited about this ambitious new project, I was worried it would mean the end of the hipster The ‘Burg cast I had grown to care oh-so-ironically about. Grace has assured us that they “are very committed to continuing the show, but we do need funding to do so.” After all, those “prop” PBRs aren’t free.

Beyond the constant search for funding that is new media production, Grace explained how the fiber of The ‘Burg is changing and how the writers are excited to document the realtor’s manifest destiny for Brooklyn that is gentrification. “Whenever we begin writing and shooting again we plan to be as current as possible,” Graces said. “So look for a frozen yogurt chain episode, a
beer garden episode and costumes that evoke 80s hip hop and re-runs of Dynasty.” We also heard about a fateful episode in which Xander will suffer from a head trauma-induced identity crisis, causing him to forget his hipster heritage and date a girl from the neighboring Polish community in Greenpoint — an ironic twist of soap-operatic proportions.

Matt Yeager, who plays Xander and writes for The ‘Burg, will also be writing for The All For Nots. Graces told us that the rest of The ‘Burg cast has also been busy. Lindsey Broad, who plays the sprightly Spring, was in the first episode of CW’s Gossip Girl and was featured on CBS’s Without a Trace. Kelli Giddish, the deliciously deluded Courtney, recently left All My Children to pursue feature and other TV work. Jeff Skowron, the i-banking square Ryan, continues to work on Broadway and can be seen in two indie movies, The Narrows and New York City Serenade.

But it is the work of apparent renaissance man Bob McClure, who plays the prickly and persnickety Jed, that seems the most interesting. Despite being busy playing a sound engineer in The Brave One with Jodie Foster and doing a commercial for sandwich maker Quiznos, McClure still has time for the hallowed family business — pickles!

While there is no definite return date for the Williamsburg crew, the talent is keeping busy and is planning on returning to the Brooklyn borough.