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Jajah's Hypothetical IPO Delayed Another Year

Jajah, the VoIP callback service provider that shifted from paid to “free” and was dreaming of an initial public offering in 2007, has pushed back its IPO plans until the second or third quarter of 2008, co-founder Roman Scharf told Reuters. The timing seems about right — the way everyone is going nuts here in the Valley, profitless IPOs could make a solid return by the middle of next year. (Too bad eBay already made its play with Skype.) Scharf said that it would take between $100 million and $200 million to attract 50 to 80 million Jajah users. “When something crashes in the Valley, it crashes really hard,” he said. Yeah, like the dreams of an IPO. Jajah has received funding from Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital and Globespan Partners.


6 Responses to “Jajah's Hypothetical IPO Delayed Another Year”

  1. hoteurostartups

    Jajah is introducing a lot of new comprehensive features such the “call me” button, the new advertising program, the mobile client etc.
    If Jajah is able to maintain that speed and innovation leadership I’m sure the customer base will grow dramatically.

  2. Anyone else think it’s odd that Jajah, despite having had a CEO in Trevor Healy for a year now, still makes all it’s public statements thro’ Roman? The CEO has hardly ever come out to make statements by himself.

    Additionally, does anybody know how much revenues they’re making? I’d seriously doubt if they’re making any money out of it.