Is that Leopard on the Asus Eee PC? You betcha!


It might look like Mac OS X 10.5 on the miniscule Asus Eee PC because… it is. But not in the way you’d initially think. I’ve worked no magic (nor broken any laws) to turn this Linux-totin’ machine into a mini MacBook. Instead, I was just testing the Remote Desktop capabilities included with Xandros Linux and I’m remotely accessing and controlling my MacBook Pro. Steve and I had some e-mail conversation on this feature; he called it a "hidden gem" and as a mobile user, I’d agree that there’s value here.

On the other hand, the target audience of the Eee will likely never miss or know about such a feature, so I wouldn’t expect to see Asus touting it too loudly. By the way Mac users, Leopard essentially includes VNC, so it was a simple matter of setting up the Screen Sharing / Remote Control functions to get this working. And it works quite well on my local LAN, in fact! Now to get some 3G going on the Eee so I can test it while I’m on the road. ;)


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