MLBAM Switch Breaks Licenses For Thousands Of Video Downloads; Fix Now Being Offered After Outcry

Major League Baseball Advanced Media hit into a triple play with its recent switch to a new player for video downloads. Turns out the new system worked only with videos from 2007 forward; fans who purchased games in 2006 and earlier quickly discovered their purchased downloads were invalid. One of those fans, baseball historian Allan Wood, knew how to reach BoingBoing; his account set off a wave of bad publicity that could make steroids look good, especially since it included a customer service rep’s explanation that there was nothing MLB could do.

But it turns out that MLBAM can something after all. I just got off the phone with MLBAM spokesman Matthew Gould, who said fans who purchased games with the now-broken licenses will be able to get every game replaced free of charge by versions with the right license. (That doesn’t make up for the cost in time, and in some cases, materials like CDs. MLBAM might want to consider a credit towards one or more new downloads, too.) How did the usually cautious MLB end up in this mess? Gould: “In this case, we determined the previous product in this market was suboptimal.” They rushed to get the new product up before the end of the season, but, said Gould, “unfortunately, that transition was inelegant and we


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