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10-Q Watch: Google: $101 Million on Five Q3 Acquisitions; Definition Of 'Competition' Changes

Excluding Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) acquisition of security firm Postini, the company has spent $285.2 million on 15 acquisitions through the first nine months of the year, according to its latest 10-Q. Through Q2, Google had purchased 10 companies for $183.6 million, leaving five deals worth $101.6 million in the latest period. Also, the company says it faces up to $66.8 million in associated earnouts through 2010, up from $41.8 million last quarter.

— Similar to last quarter, several of the company’s ventures continue to have no material impact on the business. These include acquisitions YouTube and dMarc, as well as homegrown ventures like Google TV, Google Print Ads, Google Audio Ads, and Google Checkout. Gmail and Orkut were also mentioned as ventures whose returns are in doubt.

— An interesting wording change in its discussion about competition: The line from the Q2 10-Q “We also compete with destination web sites that seek to increase their search-related traffic.” is now: “We also compete with web sites that provide their own or user-generated content and seek to increase their traffic and provide advertising to their users.”

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