YouTube In Legal Trouble in India

As a kid growing up in India, I would often come across audio tapes made by a company called T-Series. They were pretty bad quality and featured music pirated from other record labels. Still, they were cheap and became popular with the crowds that didn’t care much about the quality and legitimacy of the music. No surprise, the company grew and grew and become a mega-million-dollar operation. Somewhere along the way it acquired respectability and legitimacy and became a record label.

Why this story from my childhood? Because that very same company with piracy roots, Super Cassettes Industries, a.k.a. T-Series, has obtained a retraining order against YouTube and Google (GOOG), which according to ContentSutra, prevents them “from disseminating or displaying on their websites, or infringing in any manner, the copyright of any audio visual work in which the T-Series owns exclusive copyright. T-Series has filed a suit against Google and YouTube for a permanent injunction.”

The injunction essentially means that Google and YouTube will now have to actively police the content that is uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is also rumored to be launching an India-only site as well. The injunction is also going to impact other Indian video sites such as iShare, Dekhona and


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