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The Latest Tesla Roadster Fan, Rock Star Flea

flearoadster.jpgSilicon Valley’s electric car startup Tesla has a roster of celebrity customers that have signed up to buy the $100,000 eye-candy feel-good vehicle — George Clooney, Matt Damon, Gavin Newsom. The latest star customer to blog about a recent test drive is everybody’s favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper rocker, Flea.

Now that he’s a family man — see lumberjack-shirt-wearing, baby-holding photo — he’s into green vehicles. His blogging also kicks as much @ss as his bass playing:

So then nearly a year goes by, and still no car, i started to get a little antsy, still excited, but wondering if Tesla might actually be the name of some farmland i bought on an island off of nova scotia somewhere….

Then last week, a nice fella from Tesla shows up near my house here, in California. The car he has got with him looks cool as hell . . . I get into it and pull away from the curb……dead silence wow!!!!…. man it was unbelievable. it drove like nothing i have ever been in before . . .

it was the funnest car, i have ever been in, with the possible exception of Hillel Slovak’s Datsun B210 in 1979, he was the only guy i knew who had a car, and we listened to lot of zeppelin in there….