For the most part, I find Apple’s marketing messages to be clever, engaging and somewhat accurate. Usually, pretty imagery accompanied by a five to eight word sentence is enough to make me drool and start fumbling around for my wallet to fork over my hard earned cash.

But then there are times where Apple’s wording misses the mark and makes me snort in disbelief (remember the “too thin” iMac banner on Apple’s site?). Such is the case with the most recent email I just received touting Leopard:


Yeah, right. After witnessing my co-worker’s MacBook Pro get totally nuked after an attempted upgrade and reading some of the horror stories on the support forums, I’d have to say that there are plenty of folks out there that would beg to differ. And I’m sure there are many who would be angered by this message (though I guess it should be noted that Apple isn’t really touching on the quality of the install, just how simple and “easy” the process is).

But in all fairness to Apple and Leopard, the majority of installs seem to have gone pretty well. Despite some discouraging stories, I’m looking forward to upgrading my machine. Well, when I have an entire day to dedicate to creating backups, deauthorizing apps and actually installing the OS that is.


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