Meet the Crunchies


When it comes to the world of technology, the start-ups are the real stars. In order to recognize the start-ups and their achievements, we are teaming up with TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and VentureBeat to collaborate on the Crunchies. They are like the Grammies and the Webbys with a People’s Choice flavor, only for start-ups!

The idea is to get the respective communities of various blogs to collaborate and vote and help pick the top start-ups of the year. Details to follow, but one thing is for sure, we are going to have a great party to wrap up the awards.



Not working with Mashable! they probably deliver me at least 30-50 websites a week I haven;t heard before. And they deliver tons of web news items a week. last couple of days mashable! 60 items, techcrnch 32,….not so many


Is the invite only for startup’s. Or can anyone join the show as well.

Please let me know

Om Malik


We are working through the details as yet and will be chatting soon about the finer points. The idea here is to involve the communities.

As you point out, there will be multiple categories. The badge question, if you don’t mind, I will answer later.

David Ciccarelli


Will nominees have a banner to place on their website so they can notify their user-base of the honor?

The badge could also link to the award criteria, judges etc…

May I also suggest that there are multiple categories. Start-ups by industry perhaps?


I smell the beginning of low down for all the tech blog networks. There needs to be some sort of limit as far as marketing gimmicks, as techcrunch, gigaom, venturebeat and whatever there is get together…everyones obviously loosing their identity and it’s purely a game of sposorship and money. Gone are the days of real bloggers and pure reviews…welcome to the world of confused and greedy bloggers…

Om Malik

The voting process, and the nomination process is going to be all very public. The community will have a lot to say here. I think that is what attracts me to the awards the most.

Om Malik

Cweeb, i wasn’t interested in doing such an event but happy to be part of bigger event. My events, as you might have noticed are smaller, more focused and address the big “business” impact. I am more comfortable doing those and basically extending what we do here on the site.

That said, this could be good for the start-ups and i am all for recognizing the start-ups. further more, i think i can lobby hard for some of the start-ups in our world – broadband, voip, mobile.


Why not the omies? Come on Om, don’t bend over to techcrunch everyday.

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