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Reliance To Launch Maps Portal – BIG Maps

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You’re reading it here first: ContentSutra has learned from multiple sources that the Reliance ADA Group is working on a maps portal that they intend to launch within the next three months. There are around 8 people working on this project. The site will be called BIG Maps, and I just checked — that domain name has been registered by Nikhil Soman from Reliance Capital. More when we get more information on this.

ADA group company Reliance Communications does have maps of cities that they use for managing their tower and fibre-optic infrastructure, so that data can be used for maps. Apart from using this information for a portal, it could also be provided to Reliance Communications customers – remember MapMyIndia provides its map data to Airtel, Wayfinder and Yahoo. Others providing map information in India include Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Maps (harnessing data from users), Hyderabad based SatNav (in which BCCL has a stake) and CE Infosystems (funding from Nexus India Capital, KPCB and Sherpalo Ventures).

14 Responses to “Reliance To Launch Maps Portal – BIG Maps”

  1. Irritated

    With all respect, for someone who starts a site with the word 'cricket' in it should refrain, nay, should not be even allowed to spew thoughts on anything, let alone on something as inane as a company that inspite of its huge resource reach can only go as far as to imitate the rest of the world.
    P.S: And who are all these two penny blokes that agree that xyz company will/may/perhaps prevail – Maybe I should have you all on board my fund?
    P.P.S: Mr. Pahwa, anyway you can ensure only sensible comments posted up here?

  2. I agree that the reliance brand will prevail. But what I would love to see is the rise of an independent Internet company in India. Our track record thus far is very poor. Our biggest internet company is rediff which has a market cap of around $700 million. Compare that with China where at least 5 internet companies have market cap greater than $ 1 billion, eg Baidu, Alibaba. We have a long way to go.

  3. Insightful

    I am very excited to notice the kind of attention being given to Indian Internet at the moment by Reliance. Slowly these companies will graduate and enter into the unfamiliar innovation and R&D;world. Till that time we have to suck up US products and open source products. Its probably fine. However who will wake up VSNL, BSNL et all to strengthen the broadband backbone of India. It still takes months to get broadband connection. It takes lesser amount of time to launch a new online product than to get broadband connection from BSNL.

  4. I agree with binny's comment. But I think if we take a long term perspective.. I guess Reliance brand will prevail. Yes, I do think, for bigAdda it won't make any difference, but for maps & such if they do a good job of scalability etc.. it might work.

    But BIG thing in India is the usability engineering.. I think our sites are pretty poor in that.

  5. Reliance seems to pushing into every sphere of the online world. But apart from online gaming all its products aren't up to the mark. I don't think BIG advertising for crappy products like BigAdda is going to drive traffic. If they'd spent all that advertising budget in developing something worthwhile it sure would have been a hit.