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RCOM Not Getting Preferential Treatment Says Anil Ambani

There’s much controversy about Reliance Communications being allowed to jump queue and pay just Rs. 1651 for a GSM license and the valuable spectrum that comes with it, while GSM existing players are struggling to provide quality services. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had several instances of dropped calls and poor voice clarity over the past couple of weeks – Airtel seems to be struggling.

The COAI, representing existing GSM players, had sent a legal notice to the department of Telecom, over the apparent preferential treatment being given to Reliance Communications; the also filed a Right To Information petition demanding that the government reveal how they decided the new telecom policy (detailed here). Anil Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Communications has defended his company, saying that the COAIs action is not representative of the Industry, and two of the five companies who had gone to the TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal) have withdrawn from the case. He pointed out the GSM operators are operating as a cartel of sorts – fixing prices – and have been anti consumer.

There just appears to be a trend – first the policy was amended to squeeze the GSM players of spectrum (and make new spectrum costlier). Why is it that with over 300 applications for new licenses and spectrum, Reliance got the nod first? We haven’t heard the last of this yet.

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  1. sanjay kumar awasthi

    The CMD
    Reliance Infocom Limited

    Sub : Non Availability of all R-World services on my Nokia 6255 handset


    I would like to draw your attention that I bought a Nokia 6255 hand set from M/s Shashank Communication Kanpur, a franchise of reliance infocom on 17th August 2005. I was informed that the said set was one of the advance set and all the services of R-World are available on this set.
    But alas I am not getting all the R-World services (In particular R-Surf) on my set. When I raised the issue with the dealer he directed me to contact local Nokia Service Centre. When i approached them they informed that as such there is not problem in the handset.
    Since then I am raising this issue ((non availability of R-Surf) with your customer care department but without any success. Last time I contacted them on 12.10.2007 but sorry to say nothing happened till date.
    I want to thanks your organization for one very good quality they developed that is they harass the customers to such an extent either he/she stops complaining after being suffering up with this high quality of customer care experiences or he/she just change his/her attitude and consider it another sarkari service inform at private level.
    I don’t expect much from your side (As I have seen your great service quality in last two years). But even then I expect response from your side (Also I want to gift my set to you so that you may check yourself whether my complain is true.

    Sanjay Kumar Awasthi
    C-601, Shyam Nagar,
    M.No. 9335750658