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The Return of Ze Frank

Ze Frank pulled himself out of self-imposed retirement to deliver another one of his signature, rapid-fire soliloquies, this time waxing about the writers’ strike.

As always, his wordplay is impeccable, his insight is dead-on and he hasn’t lost an ounce of funny since his exodus. He is, however, professionally-lit (and I mean incandescently, not mind-alteringly). The quick edits are there, but it feels a bit…anemic. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a spark missing. Like he’s not really into it. Still worth a view, though.

No word if this is a one-off or the first of many new eps. Regardless, be sure to check out who Craig’s picks are for Ze Frank’s successor.

9 Responses to “The Return of Ze Frank”

  1. Maybe what you are seeing is progress? Meaning, there are many more videoblogs out there now with people just as talented as Ze Frank. The bar has been raised since Ze Frank’s last episode.

    However, Ze Frank is still the original!

  2. This is the second time I’ve heard someone say he looks professionally-lit, but I disagree. There’s MORE light, but it doesn’t mean it’s professional. It looks to me like he still has a table lamp lighting his face, but now he actually has a light on the back wall. Regardless or the lighting question, I was happy to see him back in action :)

  3. Craig Rubens

    I totally agree “there’s a spark missing.” Maybe he didn’t have his coffee, maybe it’s the “big piece of white paper,” or perhaps the WGA strike doesn’t stir him to song the same way Condi’s Magic Satchel does.

    But anyway you cut it it’s good to have Ze back. But is Ze back because the WGA strike is putting HIM out of work for the indeterminate future? He said today on his blog that he’ll be posting occasional bits to keep us company during the strike.

    I’d also like to point out that is available.