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LED Startup Lights Up Financing: LED Lighting Fixtures, (LLF) which unsurprisingly makes light fixtures for LED light sources, says it has raised $16.5 million in equity financing led by Digital Power Capital — release.

As Oil Price Rises, Clean Energy Costs Creeping Up Too?: That’s not good news. The WSJ says energy demand is high enough that just about every kind of fuel is in short supply, and prices of the raw materials involved in making many alternative energies have been climbing — WSJ.

Exxon’s Global Energy Outline: Paul Kedrosky points out Exxon’s report says “non-OPEC oil has already peaked and will go into decline around 2020, and OPEC will peak around 2030” — Paul Kedrosky.

Majority Claim Will Sacrifice for Green: This BBC poll only reveals what people will say, not what people will do, but 4 out of 5 respondents said they would change their lifestyle to fight climate change — BBC.

Midwestern Ethanol Glut: Corn-based fuel is in such oversupply it’s being given way in $1000 debit cards in some places — Seeking Alpha.

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