Mail 3.0: Links in subject now clickable


So either no one has emailed me with a URL in the subject line since I’ve been a Mac user (a little over 3 years), or Leopards Mail 3.0 has a new “feature” (if you want to call it that).

Clickable Links in Subject

No, I don’t send emails to myself. :) Someone emailed me and in the subject they had a full link, which I then in turn noticed was now clickable when you view the message. It isn’t clickable in the listing of messages…just when you are actually viewing the email.

I haven’t fully made up my mind on if this is annoying or convenient. For some reason the first that that popped in to my head is how PR folks are going to start included URLs in the their subject to try to get you to click through to the site more…a negative thing.

Your thoughts? Or is this something that’s existed for a while and I’ve just apparently been oblivious to it all this time?



Why not have them clickable? Because it makes life easier for phishers and other spammers in exchange for marginal legitimate benefit. I’m in the anti-spam industry, and I can tell you that if the only thing we have to filter on is the subject for some percentage of spam, it’s going to make our jobs harder, our catch rate lower, and our false positive rate higher.

Whoever approved inclusion of this “feature” needs to be soundly beaten with a clue stick.

Jeff Lewis

Kinda off topic, but how do you generate the “lorem ipsum” text? That has always confused me.

Magnus Kragelund

I think it’s great.
Sure, PR folks will include URL’s en the mail titles, but we don’t have to click them, just because we can ;)
Outlook (yeah, i know – use it at work) has this feature already, and I find my self and my colleagues using it quite often for links to our shared drives and that sort of thing.

Jason Terhorst

You can also easily add phone numbers and street addresses into your address book when they appear in your emails, by simply clicking on them.

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