Mahalo Daily Featuring Veronica Belmont Launches

Mahalo, an upstart search site, today launches a video show hosted by Veronica Belmont called Mahalo Daily. The show promises to publish four short episodes a week — “we’re ‘daily’ like The Daily Show,” said Belmont — and will include how-to guides, events and conventions, company profiles, and web site reviews. Here’s the first episode, a visit and test ride at Tesla Motors.

Belmont left a gig as a video host and producer at CNET (CNET) in July, news we broke on NewTeeVee. Belmont — a geek girl who really talks the talk and walks the walk, rather than coming off as having been hired for her headshot — already has a significant fan following, and we’ve selected her as a contestant on our web video celebrity game show at NewTeeVee Live.

“I think a lot of people are going to be surprised it’s not technology-focused,” Belmont said of Mahalo Daily in an interview last week. She mentioned “deep-frying various food items,” how to play guitar, and Leeroy Jenkins of World of Warcraft as upcoming show topics (update: actually, the Jenkins vid was already posted on Belmont’s personal site). A spoofy preview for the show released last week showed off Belmont’s impersonation talents.

The show will be distributed on and iTunes. Mahalo — which differentiates itself from other search engines by having paid contributors curate results — is led by outspoken entrepreneur Jason Calacanis. He wrote last week that Mahalo Daily is “not a commercial for Mahalo,” but rather standalone entertainment. However, Belmont said as far as she knew the show was not expected to run advertisements or make its own money.

With little to no focus in its subject matter, Mahalo Daily‘s success will be highly dependent on Belmont’s charisma. But then again, with Mahalo’s millions in funding, she may not be under too much pressure.