Leopard’s Green Tint

Separate from the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death – it’s generally a Windows term, if you’re somehow unaware…) that some folks experienced after upgrading to Leopard, there’s word of a new bluish, or greenish tint that’s occurring on some user’s screens. Up until now I’ve been familiar with the bluish tint that results from Fast User Switching, but the symptoms I’ve heard of from Leopard are much different.

A friend’s MacBook Pro seemed to progressively get worse as the operating system’s uptime increases. Over that time, the tint to his screen got greener and greener – similar to the way an old CRT would look when it lost one of its color channels. A reboot fixed the issue, but it wasn’t a one time thing – nor does it seem to be predictable.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of similar occurrences found around the internet, thus, little else to point you toward at this time. If you’ve experienced this issue, we’d love to hear about your experience – what happened leading up to the tinting? How many times has it happened? Is there any rhyme or reason to when it occurs? Or maybe my friend’s MacBook Pro is just going south…Help us shed some light on this problem!


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