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JLab MiniBlaster

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JLab MiniBlaster
I’m not the biggest fan of Apple’s ear buds, or headphones of any kind for that matter, so when I received JLab’s MiniBlaster to review, I was pretty stoked, but, I was pretty sure I’d be disappointed. These speakers are small (about the size of 4 old nanos one on top of the other) and I didn’t hold out much hope that they’d sound much better than the original tape deck in a ’82 Ford Fiesta. But, I promptly loaded up 4 AAA batteries, slipped my Nano into it, cranked up the volume (how loud could these things be?), queued up a track, and hit play.

One word: Wow.

Now, one caveat,  I’m not an audiophile and these things aren’t B W Nautilus series, but they rock. I am very impressed. They aren’t going to make your review mirror vibrate in your car, but if you’re looking for some speakers to play music in a meeting, or listen to your iPod while you’re studying, or play some music in the hotel room on vacation, these will definitely do the trick.

The package says 5 hours of battery life at max volume, which, in my brief testing, seemed to hold true. This isn’t the greatest, but it does include a charger

The only major flaw I see is that you must use the included iPod nano case (the one that came to review was white). It’s purpose, from what I can see, is to secure the iPod in the speakers, which it does well. But, if you LOVE your current case, or white won’t work for you, you’re going to need to look for something else. I however, haven’t used a case in the past and don’t mind the one that comes with the speakers.

Would I recommend these speakers? Well, if you’re in the market for  sub-compact speakers, then I’d defiantly recommend them. If you’re looking for something to replace your home hi-fi system, these aren’t the speakers you’re looking for, plain and simple.

They are available here for around $50.

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