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Obama Wants SNL on YouTube Too

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Last night Barack Obama made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live as himself, dressed up as himself. Not exactly the funniest thing to ever hit the Internet, but definitely something I’d go look up on YouTube when someone mentioned it at the Internet watercooler. But with NBC (GE) having yanked its YouTube channel, where would I go to find such a thing?

NBC told us it pulled its content from YouTube in anticipation of Hulu’s debut, but over on Hulu, I can’t find anything from this week’s episode (maybe they’re waiting till midnight Hawaii time tomorrow?). And of course, a whole heck of a lot of people can’t even log into Hulu to look for the skit, because they don’t have invites yet, but it’s not on the open Hulu distribution partners MSN (MSFT) or AOL (TWX) either. If the clip’s on the official Saturday Night Live video index I haven’t been able to find it.

Perhaps sensing the ridiculousness of this situation, the Obama campaign took matters into its own hands, and posted the video on its own YouTube channel, BarackObamadotcom. NBC lawyers, you better look deep within your heart before you send a takedown notice for this one.

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