TAB a Finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards


Yesterday it was announced that The Apple Blog is one of the top 10 finalists for Best Technology Blog.

We have the honor of being included in the list with classic blogs like Engadget, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker.

If you’ve enjoyed the content The Apple Blog has provided over the past year, we’d love to have your vote.

You don’t need to register or anything of the sort to place your vote. Just go to this page and click on “The Apple Blog” and your vote will be placed.

You can cast your vote once every 24 hours, so if you really love The Apple Blog, you can vote for us every day. :)


Josh Pigford

@mlbqf: Thanks for your feedback and for being a reader…who doesn’t even like what we write. :) Sorry you feel that way.


TUAW should be on the list, not you guys. You merely report on stuff 3 days after someone else posts it and rarely have anything interesting to say about it anyway. Your blog feels more like a business anyway, and it feels a lot of the time that you’re in it just for the money.
TUAW is pumping out stuff 24/7 and they have a lot of great articles.
Sorry, you won’t get my vote.


I really enjoy TUAW too, but I’ve been thinking lately they should change thier name to “The Unofficial iPhone Weblog” (TUIW?)

Matt J

I prefer TAB’s less frequent, but more informative posts over the insubstantial and somewhat commentary of TUAW. TAB has far more original content than TUAW, which focuses on relaying news posted elsewhere. That said, I do enjoy Erica Sadun’s posts about the iPhone and iPod touch.

Josh Pigford

Sorry you feel that way Ben. The stats don’t agree with you, though. In the past 3 days we posted 6 articles. In the past week we posted around 15 articles. In the past year or so we have averaged around 2-3 per day.

We’ll never post the 10+ that TUAW does per day. That’s simply not our style.


I’d really like to vote for TAB, because when it does have posts they are normally good. But really I can’t because lately TAB has been almost silent, missing many things and being slow to report on many others. I prefer TAB to TUAW, but at TUAW at least posts something every day.

Matt J

I don’t get what’s so great about Gizmodo. It is one of the most immature and puerile blogs I have ever read.

Jon Buys

Although it looks like everyone is getting their butts whooped by Engadget and Gizmodo.

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