Simple Electronic To-Do Lists, Schedules and Reminders

Does your to-do list still consist of a bunch of post-it notes strewn around your desk? Even if you’ve already moved to one of the many good solutions for electronically managing your tasks, you may want to look into the new overhaul of Mojonote. The new version is a free, on-demand online application, and in addition to a neat and tidy interface, it lets you manage most aspects of your working life.

In Mojonote, you can keep track of ideas, goals, contacts, notes, lists of all kinds, schedules, calendars and more. You can also share lists and notes with others, and schedule e-mail reminders to yourself for when things need to get done.

You may already use services such as Ta-da List, WorkHack, RememberTheMilk, and Nozbe to manage lists and tasks. If so, you’re familiar with electronically organizing lists, project milestones, and the like. Truth be told, just as people differ widely when choosing pointing devices—you like trackballs, I like mice—they will probably also differ widely on which interface for these kinds of applications they prefer. One thing I definitely like about Mojonote, though, is it keeps the interface very simple.

In Mojonote, Tasks, Lists and Notes are tabs atop the application, so that you can jump quickly between categories. A calendar is displayed alongside the field to enter a new task, and you can view tasks for any day by moving around within your calendar.

Many of the additions to the new version of Mojonote are focused on the interface. You no longer have to toggle into an edit mode to make changes; instead, you just hover your mouse arrow over anything you want to edit, and click an edit tab that comes up. Text also displays larger in the new version, and there are more colors to highlight different options. Also, you can quickly delete any item, and click Undo if you want to bring it back.

If you’re familiar with using shared calendars in applications like Outlook and GMail, you already know how workgroups can make use of group scheduling and applications. Mojonote is good at sharing lists and notes in a free-form way.

To-do list management and workgroup collaboration are definitely areas where there is room for many competitive products, simply because we all have different approaches to time management and staying organized. You can quickly try Mojonote out and see if it fits your way of working, and try out the competitors too.

Do you have any tips on good time management applications?


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