Weekend Fun: The OpenSocial Drinking Game

frovar_lg.jpgAll this talk of Google’s OpenSocial networking initiative reminds me of college, where yelling “Social!” at a party meant everyone drank. Which, when you think about it is a pretty good analogy for what Google is doing. It yells “OpenSocial” and partners line up to guzzle the sweet widget Kool-Aid (Goog-Aid?).

Let’s remove the metaphor and make OpenSocial a straight up drinking game. Fire up the frat boys (also known as your company’s sales team) and follow these simple rules.

Take a drink:

  • Every time a social network or app developer signs up, which, with 27 partners already could end the game quickly.
  • When a crestfallen Microsoft realizes people are buzzing about “OpenSocial” not Zune’s “the social.”
  • For every dollar above $700 Google stock hits.
  • For every dumb vampire, werewolf, zombie, pie-throwing, super-poking FBML widget that you’ll never have to write again.
  • Every time Google reminds you that Orkut is HUGE in Brazil.
  • For every crappy emo band on MySpace who can now more easily inflict their pained junior-high lyrics across a multitude of networks.
  • For every day Facebook holds out, patiently waiting for Google to call them and join the Open Social.

And finally, drown your sorrows when you realize the Google-Bot is now your god, and you bow before it. (Om recommends Bourbon for this segment of the drinking game.)