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WGA Strike Set For Monday

The Writers Guild of America‘s 12,000 members will go on strike Monday against studios and networks, the association announced today…the strike officially begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

THR: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has connected with reps of the guild and the studio companies in an attempt to get talks back on track…There also is some talk of the AMPTP’s delivering a new proposal to the guild in an effort to avoid work stoppage.

By the way, the best (read level-headed) coverage of the strike is LAT’s blog Show Tracker, here.

3 Responses to “WGA Strike Set For Monday”

  1. You wrote a movie and only get $.04 a copy sold. You received no money when the script was optioned? Did you know going in that you were only going to receive the $.04 in residuals? You sold the rights to your work and now are not happy with the deal you made. And yes before you even ask I am a published author with several novels to my credit. Before I sign anything with a publisher I make I am aware of what I am being offered and I am not happy with the deal I don't make it. Your example is the equivalent to saying once someone builds a house they should share their profit with the architects that designed the house, they did when they purchased the plans. By going on strike instead of negotiating the WGA is only hurting their reputation and in the end the consumer. Television and movies are on a slippery slope right now as it is, viewership of both are way down as people are finding other things to do, mainly because the quality of the writing has dropped so much. As far as getting your fair share, sure we all deserve that but right now by going on strike, you are getting nothing and blaming everyone else.

  2. I wrote a movie (I am a WGA member) and received a whole 4 cents per copy sold. Yes, I am not joking! That is about what a writer gets on a DVD sale. 4 pennies! The people who press the DVD make ten times that. This is one of the main issues the WGA strike is about. Please spread this info around to people so they realize the writers are not being greedy. If the studio sells a DVD for 12.99/copy, where does all the money go? Shouldn't there be some fair % sharing? I like my job, but it would be nice to be treated fairly. Song writers get a decent deal for creating, why can't we?