Hollywood Writers Decide: Calling For Strike; Being Announced Tomorrow; SAG Support WGA

Writers Guild of America President Patric Verrone made the announcement in a closed-door session this evening: the Hollywood television and movie screen writers are going on strike, AP reports. The WGA contract expired early Thursday, with no further talks scheduled…the members attended a general membership meeting Thursday night at the LA Convention Center.

LATimes.com blog: Leaders will send out a press release tomorrow afternoon, telling members precisely when the strike will begin. The Screen Actors Guild president says the actors guild is in full support of the strike and will stand by the writers for as long as it takes.

DHD: The actors’ contract with AMPTP doesn’t expire until June 2008, so SAG’s president told the WGA members tonight that the actors guild cannot cannot strike now but supports the WGA “100%” and will walk the picket lines with the writers.


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