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AOL And CBS Put Online HD Video Efforts On Hold

While HD maybe catching on with TV audiences, when it comes to online, some viewers just can’t be bothered. At least that’s what AOL (NYSE: TWX) and CBS (NYSE: CBS) have concluded for now. NewTeeVee reports that both AOL and CBS are giving up on their respective attempts at delivering HD quality video online. Fred McIntyre, SVP of AOL Video, said that viewership for its two-year-old Hi-Q service was so low, the company didn’t even track it. As an online activity, the opportunity to watch HD video tends to take a back seat to searching for interesting entertainment and having it run quickly. In the case of CBS Interactive, Quincy Smith, the interactive unit’s president, said that users found two things wrong with it: the HD player required a special download and it wasn’t compatible with all computers and browsers.

Some of the companies that still have faith in internet users warming up to HD including (which is using tech from Move Networks, which just raised a big round) and DivX

3 Responses to “AOL And CBS Put Online HD Video Efforts On Hold”

  1. Maybe if CBS put the new season of Jericho online in HD instead of making us wait so long they might see a huge influx of viewers using the service. But when all you put up there is recycled crap and Reality TV thats what your going to see.

  2. To AOL and CBS:

    Do you even bother to look at your demographic reports? Last time I checked, most AOL users were still on dial-up and using a walker to get around…

    HD = Early Adopters…..etch that into your PDA screen.