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Vid-Biz: ESPN, Jaman, DotComedy

ESPN, TNT Expand Their NBA Digital Rights; new deal will let the two media companies stream games and other b-ball content through broadband and mobile channels. (The New York Times)

Jaman Partners with Terra; independent film service links with Latino portal to enable discovery of Spanish films from around the world. (emailed release)

DotComedy’s Last Laugh? NBCU’s struggling comedy site reportedly will be shut down, with content and traffic to be absorbed by (MediaWeek)

Cable Cos. Denied Exclusive Apartment Contracts; FCC says exclusive agreements with multi-unit dwelling impede competition. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Verizon FIOS to Offer 150 HD Channels; customers of the fiber optic TV service will be offered the selection, a fivefold increase from the current menu, starting in 2008. (release)

Five Million for 5min?; rumors is that the Israeli video started pulled in new cash from Spark Capital. (TechCrunch)

2 Responses to “Vid-Biz: ESPN, Jaman, DotComedy”

  1. 5 mins has a very good presentation and product. They have some competitors they have to kill off or absorb – but they have a great modified flash video player.

    It’s funny that some lines of flash code that anyone can do is called “technology” :)

  2. The thing that pisses me off about some of these new ventures, they potentially lead to less coverage in other areas. For example. look at, you will not see NFL game footage on their site. This makes me bypass for updates.

    THen you go to the NFL’s player, and it just doesn’t have the proper functionality. Not to mention the NFl channel is no longer free.

    I guess time will tell how this goes. ESPN360 is a similar example, although their business model is very interesting.