Upgraded Laptops


MacWorld UK is reporting that Apple has quietly released updated MacBook and MacBook Pros. The new versions are available in up to Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz. The front side bus speed is now 800Mhz, from 667Mhz. MacBooks have an upgraded video card, with up to 144MB of memory shared with the main memory, up from 64MB shared. No formal announcement has been made by Apple (yet), but the new information is on the Apple web site.



could some1 help me on this whats stronger 2.6ghz or 2.16ghz on macbook pro whats the diffrence plz email as im buyin a new 1 and dont know if its better when the numbers go up or down



I JUST bought a 17″ MacBook Pro 2.4GHz with the highest features I could get on the 26th of October. NOW… a week later, I could have had an 800 front-side bus, with 2.6GHz, AND a 200GB 7200rpm drive for just about $100 more.



Hi all, I bought the white 2.16 MacBook last Friday (Leopard not installed on it but a disk provided with laptop).

Anyhow, I saw the posting and just got back from returning the 2.16 and buying the 2.2 white MacBook. Works real nice so far, and the keyboard has also been updated (example: widgets/dashboard is no longer F12 and has its own key now). Peace!

Stephanie Guertin

@Matt – The page that Michael linked doesn’t have the updated stats, but if you go to the page for the MacBook Pro’s, it is reflected there. “2.2, 2.4. or 2.6 GHz C2D processors” are what it’s listing.
That said, though, I’ve got to agree with BJ – this isn’t really an ‘upgrade,’ just an addition of another processor.

BJ Clark

“Upgrade” is a bit misleading. Usually when you say “upgrade” you mean, the average processor has gone from 2.4ghz to 2.6ghz, but really, they have just added the option to upgrade to 2.6ghz for $250.

Anyone care to comment if 200mhz is worth $250?


The annoying thing for us Canadians is that the pricing of the new models hasn’t changed to reflect the much stronger Canadian dollar. Prices are still $1449 CAD for the mid-range MB model which is now equivalent to $1521 USD vs. $1299 on the US site which is a 17% premium!

Matt Radel

Hrm – I’m not seeing the updates. Did I miss something? I keep hearing about them, but they don’t appear to have made it to Apple’s site yet.

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