rotateMe adds automatic screen rotation to Nokia N95


N95landscapeAutomatic screen rotation one of my favorite iPhone features and it’s coming to the Nokia N95. Actually, the guts of the solution, an accelerometer, are already on the inside of the N95, just waiting to be flipped from portrait to landscape and back again. Once the rotateME software hits us around the end of this month, you can wake up that sleeping accelerometer as you see fit. Jonathan Greene caught wind of this and shares a great video demo of rotateMe on an N95. The video is all in French, but it’s the visuals that captured my eye. The N95 using rotateMe looks to switch video modes very fast, near instant in many cases and supports rotation of the hardware buttons as well. Nice!


Kevin Hughes

Agreed! Why realise a competitor to the iPhone and miss out one of the competitions killer features!

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