Last.FM client for Nokia N800: Vagalume

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Vagalume01I haven’t ventured into Last.FM yet, even though I’ve been goaded on to try it by folks on Twitter. Pandora is still enjoyable for my everyday streaming so I’m sticking with it. Others might be Last.FM fans and if those others own a Nokia N800, they’ll want to check out Vagalume, a Last.FM client for the N800 developed by Alberto Garcia. Key features include:

  • Proper support for loving/banning tracks.
  • Support for tagging artists, tracks and albums (with multiple tags at once).
  • More menu entries to select radios. Avoid typing long lastfm:// URLs.

The application is free on your N800 and Alberto is already prepping for the N810. No luck for 770 owners at this time. Happy streaming!

1 Comment

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