Is your Windows Mobile device an hour behind this week?


ClockEarlier this week we mentioned the Daylight Savings Time impacts for Palm OS devices, so it’s only fair to highlight our Windows Mobile friends as well. This is the extra week for DST this year, so if you’re WinMo companion seems a bit off in the Calendar department, it could be that your device doesn’t have the DST update that was issued way back in Standard Time days. There shouldn’t be too many of you still left, but if you’ve seen appointments off by an hour this week, you’ll want to check the Microsoft page that helps you address this issue. You know, the issue that goes away for a while starting this week when the rest of us “fall back” and join you at the right time.



What pisses me off is that we initially rolled out all DST patches for our infrastructure prior to the first change back in the Spring. The fixes were supposed to have updated the entire range of the new period. We have received sporadic reports to the contrary which pisses me off. MS deserves a slap for not including Windows 2000 servers and desktops as almost every organization still has plenty of these in production.


My SmartPhone seems to be ahead of the learning curve, because it indeed has the right time on the clock and my appointments. :)


I’ve actually tried the WM patch on my X50V running WM2003 twice, once after a complete reload, and it doesn’t work, even after reselecting the time zone as described. It is most definitely installed, and shows up in remove programs, but it still detects the change incorrectly. YMMV

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