From the Field: Gautam Ghosh, Human Resources Consultant


This week’s field report comes from Gautam Ghosh, an HR consultant and micro-community founder based in Hyderabad, Indian. Gautam combines home-based prospecting for opportunities with on-site work.

Gautam GhoshDescribe your job/career/business

I’m a Human Resource Consultant based in Hyderabad, India.

How has the web changed your working life?

It has made it possible for people to find me and get enquiries without really spending a lot of time to build business.

Describe your working situation

I work from home when I am prospecting. Delivery of services is done by me at client site. I use my blog to get good search engine rankings for people to find me. I use my webpage to build my brand and link my profile to my blog. I have listed my cell phone number on my blog so that interested clients can find me if they need me.

What are the key web and desktop tools you use?

Thunderbird for email. An office suite for documents and presentation creation. Google tools like Calendar.

Describe your productivity system

Use google desktop’s sidebar with widgets for calender, notes and to-do lists to set reminders and keep my productivity high.

Share your top tip for success as a web worker

I have recently started a micro-community of similar freelance HR consultants and are looking to leverage expertise together for projects and act as a multiplier when we bid on projects.

If you want to share how you use the web to work better, submit a field report. Thanks to Gautam for his report. – Anne Z.


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