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Does HD Online Matter? AOL, CBS Say No

[qi:_newteevee] As cable companies and satellite service providers duke it out to augment HD programing for your TV, companies like AOL and CBS are backing out of or shying away from delivering HD viewing experiences online.

Such a retreat raises the bigger question: Do audiences even care about HD online? Read the full story over at NewTeeVee.

4 Responses to “Does HD Online Matter? AOL, CBS Say No”

  1. Reliability is something that comes to mind. Countless times I have started to watch a show online and for some reason or another the media will skip, not play, or just be labeled incorrectly. This has been my experience from cbs, abc, and mtv online services. HD should indeed be an after thought when these other issues are still present.

  2. HD is nice, but don’t count on it until the country is networked with one huge pipe. Someday bandwidth will be a non-issue.

    It won’t be long until paid television will be delivered via ip. And you won’t have to buy an expensive package. Funny thing is the guys that will make it possible are the ones who stand to lose the most. Goodbye Comcast . . . is seeking financing

  3. Ugh.. did anyone care about video online 5 years ago. Not really. The experience was bad due to video load time woes. HD online does matter and will matter a lot more once bandwidths and codecs make it possible.