Blog Post Expanding Its Tech Section, And We're Part of It

The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) has expanded its tech ambitions online: it has relaunched its tech section in a major way, and added some cool features, including what can be characterized as a Techmeme competitor. It has added third party sources such as IDG and selected stories from our site as well. Besides the syndication deals, it has added an automated tech news/blog aggregator from its other site Blogrunner (which it bought early last year). Says Saul Hansell, the tech section editor in an e-mail: “Unlike Google (NSDQ: GOOG) News and Techmeme, we aren’t trying to prove machines can be better editors than people. We have a hybrid model, with Web Crawlers and Editors both helping find and ranks posts.” More details in the release.

From from Saul on the Bits blog about the relaunch.

Disclaimer: We have a syndication deal with, whereby the site is publishing selected stories from

4 Responses to “ Expanding Its Tech Section, And We're Part of It”

  1. Rafat Ali

    Hey Gabe
    I don't think they exactly are…a sidebar in a sub-section of does not make it a competitor to Techmeme…but I think they're trying to position it as such. Hence my use of the word "characterized" :)

  2. The Times is just doing what any newspaper does when it needs a new idea when its somes to layout or design. They steal it. Newspapers are the slowest moving creatures when it comes to creative design.

  3. Wow! Techmeme actually mentioned on paidContent! Almost believed Techmeme was of no consequence to the media industry until the above allowance of a characterization.

    Uncorking champagne now. :-)