More On Google OpenSocial: MySpace, Bebo, SixApart Join Alliance

More details are seeping out about Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) intergalactic OpenSocial alliance … The latest news out of Mountain View, where a developers’ conference is underway: MySpace officially is on board, complete with a press conference featuring CEO Chris DeWolfe. This isn’t shocking. After all, Google has a $900 million ad contract with MySpace while the News Corp. (NYSE: NWS) social media unit is in full stick-it-to-Facebook mode. Social net Bebo and blogging/social net company SixApart are also on board, according to the NYT. The alliance, which also includes Google’s Orkut, LinkedIn, Ning, Hi5, Oracle and, will promote development and use of third-party programs across the various sites. No proprietary formats, a la Facebook.

The project is supposed to go live overnight; Google has yet to release the materials — not even company blog posts — despite this all being an open secret following a breach of the PR wall.

NYT: Chris DeWolfe: “OpenSocial is going to be become the de facto standard for developers right out of the gate. It will have access to 200 million users, making it way bigger than any other platform out there.”

— Vic Gundotra, who heads developer programs at Google: “We want to see it adopted by as many people as possible. We have reached out to everyone.” That includes Facebook.

Update: Via email tonight, MySpace stresses that joining the OpenSocial alliance and embracing the common APIs shouldn’t be viewed as a move away from its opwn developer platform. Instead, the OpenSocial launch should be viewed as the first release of tech specs for the MySpace Developer Platform due to launch “in a few months. ,,, Developers will be able to start writing tonight as soon as OpenSocial goes live. The applications will be able to be tested within the MySpace environment … “OpenSocial doesn’t do anything without a back end to connect to.”

— MySpace says discussions with Google over making the web “a more social place” have been going on for a year.

— Google-MySpace release.